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In-Home Christmas Worship

December 18, 2016 | by: James Amos |0 Comments

Have Joy, Christian! This life is short.Eternity is endless.And there are countless reasons, in Christ, to have hopeand look at the light in stead of the darkness today. How good has it been for us that He came the First time (think baby Jesus)?So how good will it be when he comes the Second? Worship God today in your home.You need Him.You have Him.Forever. YouTube Links (Sing Out Loud)1. O Come All Ye Faithful2. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Matthew ... Keep Reading

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Worship Leader Preparation: A How-To Guide

October 15, 2015 | by: James Amos |0 Comments

(Step 0 - Bible.) Step 1 - Find the Human NEED. Step 2 - Find the GRACE for that need. Step 3 - TAKE THAT GRACE, yourself.  Right now. Step 4 - Thoughtfully WORSHIP GOD, yourself, based on 1-3. Step 5 - INVITE YOUR PEOPLE to do steps 1-4, together.  In the service.   Here are some things I've been learning about preparing to lead worship. We use this process, here at the Resurrection.   (Prerequisite:  Choose a BIBLE Passa... Keep Reading

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