Prayer Requests?


Michael Irwin says Feb 4, 2016

Please offer a prayer for me. Pray that I may stay focused on God and to never turn my back on Him. It's
too easy to fall back upon the worldly things in that I was taught! God has a purpose and a plan for each
and every one of us! Thank you, Resurrection Church!

Eric Arguelles says Jun 15, 2015

Pray for my Grandma, she is on dialysis & she had fluid buildup in her abdomen, she's having a procedure on Thursday this week & I want to ask everyone to pray for the Lord to comfort her discomfort & for mercy.

John baker says May 12, 2015

Miss u guys

James says Apr 22, 2015

Let's pray all week that people turn to Jesus this coming Mission Sunday!

James Amos says Apr 16, 2015

Someone very precious to me is very, very depressed.

Will you please pray for this person with me, that the cloud will lift and they will see Jesus brightly?

Eric Arguelles says Apr 8, 2015

Pray for the Winfield family, Doug passed away & family needs prayer.

He was co owner of the Winfield BBQ, they used to BBQ all our youth events.

James Amos says Apr 1, 2015

I'm passing this one along from someone else.  Very sad...

"If you can pray for Kaitlyn.  She lost her husband less than 2 weeks ago at age 24.  They have 3 children 4, 2, and 1.  She was purposely ran over by a car at STL U.  Going for a visit and pray the Holy Spirit removes all obstacles."

Eric Arguelles says Mar 31, 2015

Pray for my family, Wilma Shemonia passed away @ 5:30 today, she was my aunt's mother. She will be missed here but the Lord called her husband home last month & now she also is with Jesus!

Eric Arguelles says Mar 27, 2015

Our family friend named Betty Gower lost her nephew in a car crash this week, she witnessed the car wreck, pray for the Nunley Family as well for their devastating loss.

James Amos says Mar 26, 2015

Let's take time to pray for the workers and families at US Steel today, which announced its laying off over 2000 people. This will likely trickle to other related industries in town as well.

Eric Arguelles says Mar 24, 2015

Pray for my brother Tomas, he sustained a back injury @ work. And isn't doing so well.

James Amos says Mar 18, 2015

Several of us are praying for you both!

Anna says Mar 18, 2015

I just need prayers for strength cause I have just felt empty and lost...need some encouragement to stay focused on the Lord

Daleen Jackman says Mar 16, 2015

My surgery Thursday morning.

Beth furlow says Mar 16, 2015

my sister Ruthie Gibson passed suddenly on Sunday

James Amos says Mar 15, 2015

Please pray for my friend Evan and his wife, who are expecting.  This is their first pregnancy, and the mother is in her mid-forties, and is thus high risk.

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